Phone: 719-244-7124

 Russian Systema

  Introduced at Colorado Systema.

 Now training with Martin Wheeler all over the country and also with Maxim Franz, and others

50 years a martial artist

Judo  -  Wrestling - GoJuRyu - Taekwondo - Kenpo - Combat Hapkido -  Russian Systema

Also Full contact fighting, Aikido, Tai Chi, jiu jitsu, ju jitsu, JKD, others

Healing arts including Reiki Master, Qigong, others

Continuously learning with the very best instructors in the world

Investing a lifetime of time and money so that you get all the value

 Combat Hapkido

 Black Belt Certified Instructor

 Teach in many Colorado Springs 

  and Denver area schools on a weekly basis

Happily married

I am Looking for nothing else but to make you safer.

My wife is a horse woman and a healer.

We usually have six horses and several dogs and a cat. We rescue them and place them.

She is a Master and instructor in Healing art of Reiki. Her focus is on the animals.  

$20 drop-in fee

Classes are normally Monday nights Special classes by arrangement