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Concepts require little strength

The teaching is mostly conceptual and might be characterized as  "soft" .....  yet extraordinarily effective.

Women Can Defend Themselves

Concepts that women and teens can use effectively in defense against much larger, stronger attackers. This approach offers the most for ordinary people.

It is quickly absorbed, easily applied, requires no special athletic training, and fits students' natural abilities very well.

Men Can Defend Themselves

We concentrate upon movement first, based upon Russian Systema concepts.  Using proper posture/structure, ease of movement, and breathing for calmness and strength. We can take it to any level. We have a Russian Systema special program as well  http://www.systemacoloradosprings.com

Easy human body nerve points

Some vulnerability and pressure points ( think Star Trek Spock's one finger knock-outs) are taught.

Tailored for you

The teaching is hand-selected for each student and this is possible because most classes are typically small and conducted in a quiet, private studio. 

Most of the work "anyone can do". It doesn't rely upon high levels of athleticism, strength, cardio capacity. It works equally well for a woman or a teen as it does for us more experienced martial artists. 

We will not teach you to stand and fight

I don't want anyone to get hurt.  I don't want you to risk punching or kicking when so often it doesn't work or you hurt yourself. All counter moves will be hidden from view of the attacker.

Proven to work

The approach I am suggesting instead is proven in real self defense (one very recent example :

One of my 13-year-olds successfully defending himself against a bully's punch  by softness and movement) After Just Three Two Hour Privates. He was able to softly move out of the line of fire of a bully punch. The bully hit the wall and knocked himself out! This really works!

I (yes me) was attacked in San Diego. I was at a training seminar and walked alone at night to dinner. A gang of "hoodies" approached me. One of them suddenly ran into me at full speed to knock me down and the other 12 creeps moved in to surround me. This could have been my life!

I simply moved softly and gracefully out of the way of the charging attacker's path. He hit the ground at a distance from me. I just kept moving as if dancing out of their way. By the time the gang went to grab me, I wasn't there at all.

This is the outcome I wish for you!

Imagine if you are able to move in a manner that you are just not there for the attacker.

That is what I want for  you.

Avoidance is the focus

Women (and any defenders) need to avoid "fighting", avoid any compromising situations, get out of them if they find themselves in it, be able to easily and quickly give the attacker "the slip", or temporarily disable a serious attacker ....  in a manner that he doesn't know what is happening.

Dance-Like Movements

Much of the work in class can feel like dance. We emphasize restoring a woman's innate abilities. It also has a focus on staying or restoring just being themselves, in-control when under pressure of a potential or real assault. Women have the power. We work together to restore and optimize.

For the men, we work a similar approach but can go to any level you wish up to combatives. We will go slowly and carefully but it all works exceptionally well.


$20 drop-in fee

Classes are normally Monday nights Special classes by arrangement