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When nothing else works...

Read what one mother has to say about the results with her son:

"We found George while looking for a solution to bullying that turned physical for our 13 year old son. In a very short time George has given our son some simple tools to defend and protect himself against school bullies or other dangerous persons he may encounter in our society. Our son has already (after three private sessions) been able to utilize skills learned from George to deflect a physical attack at school - This did not require great strength or ability, just knowledge of what to do and when. We were not looking for karate chops and colorful belts requiring expensive testing, we needed immediate help and George has more than stepped up to the plate. Our son's confidence and strength is growing, he has great respect and trust in George - This is the best gift we have ever given our son!"

D.W.,   Mother from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Written October, 2013

One application when attacker
tries to push you to the ground is
a very easy-to-do foot placement and
over the attacker goes!
(this performed by a teenage girl in class)
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Mentoring Teen age boys

 Provided he wishes to train in martial arts I am willing to  work out a mentoring arrangement
My father sent me to the YMCA, Boy Scout, and Church Leaders. He also put me in physical training in wrestling and karate under other coach/mentors.  I have already volunteered as a Big Brother, formally. I am willing to work with you and your son.  Just arrange an interview.  Some training can simply evolve in that direction. Let me pay back. 

My credentials are solid: I have had numerous background checks for many government organizations and hold credentials. I was also background checked by Big Brothers Big Sisters. All clean.

Please Empower your children,

sons and daughters

When nothing else works...

My father gave me the gift of Judo training. I cannot imagine a life of being bullied as a child and teen and living in fear as an adult ....  without this training, this "gift".

$20 drop-in fee

Classes are normally Monday nights Special classes by arrangement